05.    Gerak Cepat 

Campaign Identity, Art Direction

Gerak Cepat is a collaborative platform for volunteers who wanted to contribute during Indonesia election 2019, particularly Jokowi—Amin. Using strategies that are being targeted towards the younger audience and senior millenials by creating positive and engaging content through social media and events. We created the visual direction for this campaign to be approachable and neutral, for all gender and age group.

We came up with different hashtags and design for each day of the week that resonates with the presidential campaign. These merch became a part of marketing purpose for the first Nobar (Nonton Bareng) debate—Nobar was the first event that Gerak Cepat created in 2019. It was held to invite youngsters to get together at the first 2019 presidential debate watch party. The event took place at Lucy In The Sky, Jakarta, with several young politicians participated as panelists.

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