Celsy Sabilla is an Indonesian ︎ graphic designer. Currently running her own Design practice under Hour Hall. She specializes in Brand Identity and Creative Art Direction from digital campaigns to publications. Previously at Foreign Policy Design, Manual Jakarta & Studio 1212. 

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01.    Figment

Doner under Foreign Policy Design
Art Direction, Design

Distinguished and memorable, the Figment brand delivers authentic local experiences to its discerning expat demographic. Founded in Singapore, Figment offers beautifully furnished and locallyinspired heritage homes to expats and corporates for extended stays. By providing a unique, consistent high-quality guest experience at a sharing economy price, Figment is set to disrupt the extended stay hospitality industry and become the WeWork of residential real estate.

04.    MISU Paper

Art Direction, Design, Production

Misu is an online handmade paper shop based in Jakarta, Indonesia. For their upcoming collection, Misu wanted to focus on poetry and songs/art work that reflect the colour of the paper (blue & white). The delivered products were notebooks, bookmarks and paper swatch - they were custom made with the exploration of typography and poetry.

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